This product should not be used on your face

This product should not be used on your face

Unfortunately, although on the cosmetic market we can find a lot of products with natural composition, not all of them are suitable for facial skin care. Still, some of us use the wrong products to wash the delicate skin on our face which can lead to serious skin problems. Check out what you should definitely avoid if you want a smooth complexion, free of imperfections

Dermatology experts are clear that soap is not a good product for washing and cleansing facial skin. Even products with great organic ingredients do not do much good for the skin. Washing your face with soap on a regular basis makes your skin’s natural protective barrier weak. It is all due to the soap, whose pH is not adjusted to the delicate skin of the face like special gels or washing emulsions. Probably more than once while washing your face with soap you had a pulling sensation and unpleasant pinching after the procedure – these are not normal symptoms that we should experience with daily skin care. We’ll say it again, soap is not a suitable product for cleansing the skin on your face

Why is soap not a good facial skin care product?

Soap is not the right skin care product because its pH is way too high for the delicate areas of our face. It has drying properties, making the face feel draggy and unpleasant to the touch after application. It is much better to wash your face with micellar lotion or cleansing gel dedicated to your skin type. Besides, soap violates the natural hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, which again can be the reason for dry skin. Moreover, the alkaline reaction of soap influences bacteria to start multiplying on the skin, which can cause imperfections


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